Friday, September 11, 2009

Pint-Size Baker at your service!

First off, thank you for reading this blog. To be honest, I don't know how many people will actually read this thing, but hopefully it'll help someone else in this universe who loves to bake as much as I do or even someone who is baking for the first time and curious about what to expect. I intend to share each baking experience good and bad with you. We can laugh and cry together! Isn't that fun? haha!

I've found that baking is an excellent source of therapy. You get to "roughly chop", whisk, fold, and blend ingredients together and create something relatively in a matter of minutes. However, you're not just creating anything; you're creating a delicious piece of art that brings smiles to people's faces and produces a euphoric happiness when consumed... yes, this may be a little extreme, but think about that first bite of your favorite chocolate cake or oatmeal cookie... AHHHmazing!

As a little backgroud, the name "pint-size" came from a friend's husband who has called me "half pint" since the minute he met me. (Thanks Dan!) Little did he know back then how much the name pertained to my secret love of baking (and cooking but mostly baking). So here we go ladies and gents... the "Pint-Size Baker" is off and running!

First baking adventure: Caramel Apple Cake courtesy of Food Network


  1. The caramel apple cake sounds delicious. I'll take one mailed to me in Alaska. You do that right? haha I love to try new recipes and at one time was totally addicted to the Food Network. Matt and I dont have cable yet so I've learned to curb my addiction to Food Network online...haha Good luck with all the future recipes--cant wait to get some good ideas! -Megan McDiffett

  2. Hey Megan!!! Thanks so much for reading my blog! :-) Wonder if it's simple to ship baked goods to Alaska? I still need to visit you up there one day! Do you have a blog? I have been keeping up with your sister's. Hope you're doing amazing!

    P.S. My pooping Alaska bear keychain finally kicked the bucket a couple weeks ago. So sad :-(