Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baking Adventure #18

Hey hey hey! Sorry to have missed you last week, but the weekend was too busy for baking. SAD... I know. :-( HOWEVER, this weekend more than made up for it. This week's baking adventure came about as a request from my one and only repeat customer (thus far...). He has purchased Snickerdoodles in the past and has more faith in my baking than I do! This week's baking adventure is...

BANANA BREAD (or 'Nanner Bread as I like to call it!)

My friend is a huge fan of this bread, but he prefers it without nuts... [I don't discriminate personally]. After his request was placed, I set out to find the PERFECT recipe so as not to disappoint a paying customer. Upon referencing my usual sources, I stumbled upon this recipe from a bakery in Boston called Flour Bakery + Cafe. Bobby Flay did a THROWDOWN with the owner of this bakery for her Sticky Buns, so after reading all of the praises on the reviews tab for the recipe, I knew I had found THE perfect banana bread. [Although, if you know me well enough by now, you know I have to tweak it just a smidge to give it that extra Pint-Size Baker lovin']

First things first was PREP.

[Additional "tweak" ingredients not pictured.]

Then came separating the dry and wet ingredients...

This recipe was beyond simple to make in terms of steps. The most difficult step was maintaining the endurance to whisk the eggs and sugar together for 10 minutes straight by hand (sure, I could've pulled out the hand-mixer, but what's the fun in that???).

Once the eggs and sugar were creamed together, it was time to add the smashed bananas, sour cream (couldn't find creme fraiche at my standard grocery), and vanilla extract. [Oh, I forgot to mention! My paying customer requested TWO loaves, so everything was doubled to compensate.]

Then it was time to blend the dry ingredients in with the wet ingredients.

Pour the batter into the wax paper-lined loaf pans.

And bake in the oven for about an hour at 350 degrees.

Once the Banana Bread loaves were cool, I delivered them to the customer and he was beyond ecstatic! [If you're his friend on facebook, you will see him bragging about having the "goods" when no one else does. haha!]

The End.

Or was it? Yea, not so much... My paying customer bragged SO much about the bread that my parents were giving me the stink-eye when they realized they didn't have any waiting at home for them. And so it was back to the grocery to pick up some more 'nanners and make them their own loaf as well! See? I told you, this weekend MORE than made up for the lack of baking last weekend. 3 loaves of Banana Bread + Lunch cooked for the week = a sleepy Pint-Size Baker.

Thanks to Food Network for posting the AMAZING recipe from Flour Bakery + Cafe on their website and thanks to Flour for sharing it! If I ever get to visit Boston like I'm hoping, I fully plan on going there and trying the real thing for myself!

Until next time peeps, have a wonderful week! This one is going to be a busy one with Easter on Sunday but have no fear, baking will ensue and it's sure not to disappoint!

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