Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grocery Stores Count

We interrupt [Did you know interupt has two r's? Gotta love spell check] this week to bring you one of my new favorite songs/video introduced to me by none other than Meredith. If you've never heard Michael Buble's music before, I would HIGHLY recommend listening to the rest of his songs and watching his videos. His newest, "Just Haven't Met You Yet", is beyond superb!

Ok, so I realize this really has nothing to do with baking. However, he is in a grocery store (one of my favorite places), so it indirectly pertains to this blog. Pleasant viewing!


  1. I thought of you tonight. I went to Kroger and there was a billboard next to your building with an ad for a show on TLC called "Cake Boss". I thought how appropriate a sign for Pint-Size Baker's building.

    And find it hard to believe the dude in this video hooks up with this chick. She is WAY out of his league.

  2. Ok, Anonymous... tell me who you are! haha... I think I might know but curiousity is definitely sparked.

    Secondly, she's his girlfriend in real life! No joke! Thank you for being an avid reader AND commenter. :-)

  3. I am the same anonymous person who wrote on your last blog. Why did you stop that one?

    The only way you will find out who I am is by guessing. If you guess correctly, I will admit who I am.

    I enjoy reading your blogs. You are a great writer and a yummy baker.

    And I am glad to hear that is his girlfriend. That means there is hope for the rest of us.

    Can't wait until the next episode of the Pint-Size Baker!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words! I stopped the other blog b/c well I guess I just didn't feel like writing it anymore... aka lacked the Passion.

    The only thing I know about you is you live in Atlanta, likely near where I live, you're probably single/not married, and you're probably a female... but that's all I've got. Oh, and you more than likely work from home. Am I on the right track and will you give me any hints?

  5. You lack passion? That is hard to believe. I do not know you well, but from our interactions I can't think I have ever met someone as upbeat as yourself. What was the title of your last blog? "Little Miss Sunshine"? I think that fits you perfectly. I read your tweets periodically and they are always clever and creative.

    You have guessed correctly on a couple of points. I live in Brookhaven, but how did you deduce that I work from home? I am single, and am surprised that you guessed that I am a female :(. Would another chick call you a "yummy baker"?

    I have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, can I put in a request to see how you would make my favorite cake?

    Sorry to hear the Irish score yesterday. I was hoping they would make the BCS this year (here is a hint, I am Catholic too).

    So where is this weekend Pint-Size Baker episode? Your fans are eager for an update.

    This has been fun, chat soon!

  6. So are you in fact a male then? Haha, because you have used words like "delish" which led me to believe you're female... however, now re-reading, I'm thinking the opposite. What is your favorite cake? Birthday huh? You may make a request, but what do I get in return? Maybe your identity? Or I could bake your favorite cake for you and you can be my next paying customer? ;-) (haha, sorry a girl's gotta sell on occasion!)

    Catholic too huh? Very cool. Not sure Weis has much time left at ND.

    Didn't bake this past weekend as funds were a bit low but fret not! There will be another soon!

  7. Yes Dec 1 is my birthday, and my favorite cake is Red Velvet cake. Do you know of any way I could send you funds anonymously? I would gladly pay. What do you charge for cakes? I would not think this would be something too difficult to bake.

    However, I bet you have plenty of other requests from your fans, so I look forward to the next episode of the Pint Size Baker whatever you decide to bake.

    Here is another clue for you on my identity. We share memberships in at least 3 Facebook groups.

    What are you going to do when Carly moves out in Dec? I enjoy reading her blog (although her taste in music sucks). She is a real inspiration with what all she has been through.

    Have a fantastic week and I look forward to your next update!

  8. Unfortunately, I don't have a way to receive funds anonymously. :-( Wish I did! You sure you don't want to tell me who you are??? Then you would get your cake and I would stop freaking out about an anonymous person knowing so much info! hehe

    Your clues are not helping as I have no friends on facebook with your birthday and neither does my sister. So thanks :-P

  9. Another weekend with no baking? Bummer. I was looking forward to reading your latest adventure :(

    Did you find a red velvet recipe in your Mom's cookbook?

    I hope you had a good weekend despite the Irish and Falcon's losses.

    And here are a coupld of other hints, you and I are not friends in Facebook, and I have never met Carly.