Thursday, October 1, 2009

[Double] Blueberry Cornbread update

Ok folks... I have some sad new for you...

As delicious as the [Double] Blueberry Cornbread was, it was no match for the moisture that arose from the blueberries and humidity in Atlanta. After only 3 days since creation, the cornbread has suffered a fateful death in the trash receptacle. *tear* This brings great sadness to not only myself but my father as well as this was to be his breakfast each morning this week.

Why such a short-lived baked good? There's a little disease the resides among baked goods and eventually, given enough time, will take over them all if not consumed in ample time. This disease is better known as...

You might want to sit down for this...

MOLD!!!!!!!!!!! [insert gasps here]

Yes, ladies and gentleman, the beautiful and wonderfully delicious Double Blueberry Cornbread grew a beautiful BLUE mold to color-coordinate with the fruit inside. It's a sad day, but fret not! There will be more baking to be had this very weekend!!!

Until then, rest in peace Double Blueberry Cornbread. You were loved by many. Please feel free to leave your condolences in the Comments below.

Double Blueberry Cornbread is survived by its dutiful companion Honey Butter.

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